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ADA and Voting: Overview and Replicating
Tennessee Train-the-Trainer Workshop

Time: Two sessions, each 1.5 hours

Speakers from the Tennessee Disability Coalition

Carrie Carlson
Advocate and Brain Injury Specialist

Donna DeStefano
Assistant Executive Director

Hosted By:

Tennessee Disability Coalition (TDC), Southeast ADA Center, and Burton Blatt Institute (BBI) at Syracuse University

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**For each session to receive credit:

  • You must be registered for the session.
  • Attend the entire session (live or archive). Attendance will be verified.
  • Complete the Post Test Eval.

Before the Sessions

Participants are requested to learn about the ADA in review of the following two links:

Session 1 of 2.
Overview of Tennessee Train-the-Trainer Workshop on the ADA and Voting

During this first session, participants will learn about Tennessee’s Train-the-Trainer workshop on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Voting, which was conducted virtually in June 2022. The workshop provided information on the ADA National Network and ADA General Requirements; data on voters with disabilities, turnout, impact of pandemic, and barriers; voting rights history, rights/responsibilities, Disability Rights Tennessee polling site survey results, and resources. Presenters will also share their promotional resources, materials provided to registrants pre- and post-workshop, the voter agreement and training verification form, and outcomes of the training.

Materials for Session 1

Archive Video Recording for Session 1
[1.5 hours, captioned, ASL]

Post Test Eval and Certificate for Session 1

Session 2 of 2.
Replicating Tennessee Train-the-Trainer Workshop on the ADA and Voting

This is a follow-up to the August 10 session which presented an overview of the Tennessee’s ADA and Voting workshop. During this session, participants will view a PowerPoint template of Tennessee’s ADA and Voting workshop, which they can use for replication. The session will be interactive, enabling participants to ask questions for clarification as needed. The template content includes: the ADA National Network and ADA General Requirements, data on voters with disabilities, turnout, the impact of pandemic, barriers to voting, voting rights history, rights/responsibilities, polling site survey results, promotional and training materials, and civic engagement resources.

Materials for Session 2

Archive Video Recording for Session 2

The archive with captioning and ASL interpreting will be available by Friday, September 22.


Please contact us via phone or email for questions on this virtual series and anytime you have questions on the ADA or disability rights.

Southeast ADA Center
Phone: 404-541-9001