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Brian Collins

Senior Manager, Real Estate & Facilities
Microsoft Corporation

Speaker Bio

Brian Collins

Brian Collins,
Senior Manager, Real Estate & Facilities – Microsoft Corporation

Based in Redmond Washington, Brian is currently responsible for leading Microsoft’s Workplace Planning and Change Management across the companies 14m square feet corporate headquarters. In addition, Brian leads the Microsoft Real Estate and Facilities Supported Employment Program.

Brian joined Microsoft in 1996 as the Facilities Manager for the Dublin campus, and in his previous roles with Microsoft he was responsible for The Global Workplace Strategies Group; defining and driving the ‘Workplace Advantage (WPA)’ program; including Workplace research, knowledge management, change management project consulting across Microsoft’s global portfolio. He was also Area Portfolio Manager for RE&F in Central & Eastern Europe, and Facilities Manager for EMEA (Europe Middle East & Africa) where he coordinated facilities activities over 160 locations in 50+ countries.


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