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Jason Jones

Disability Specialist
University of Kentucky
Human Development Institute

Jason Jones

Speaker Bio

Jason Jones, Disability Specialist at the University of Kentucky Human Development institution has been a strong advocate for people with disabilities for 30 years after obtaining a spinal cord injury in high school. He worked to ensure the rights of people with disabilities in finding gainful employment as a member of Executive Leadership at the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation for 16 years before coming to his current post.

Jason also co-founded the Kentucky Congress on Spinal Cord Injury (KCSCI) in 2012. The KCSCI encourages its members to be strong advocates for the rights of all people with disabilities and be willing to provide peer mentoring. Jason is currently the Board Chair for the Lexington Commission for People with Disabilities and serves as the Kentucky liaison to the Southeast ADA Center. He also serves as the director of peer mentoring services for RETAIN, a program that helps people with disabilities to be able to gain or maintain employment.