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Business and Employer Relations Manager
Washington State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

John Evans is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and serves as the Vocational Rehabilitation Administrator for Business & Employer Relations with the State of Washington – Department of Social Health Services – Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. John attended Gallaudet University and is a 1984 graduate from Seattle University in Public Administration and Human Resource Development. John has over 27 years of public service with the State of Washington where he has held positions as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Business Relations Specialist, Reasonable Accommodation Specialist and Statewide ADA Program Manager with the State Department of Personnel. An expert in the hiring and retention of persons with disabilities in the work place, John is frequently called upon by public and private businesses for consultation and has delivered over 800 training sessions to employer representatives locally and nationally.


Guest: Creating a Model with Business: Common Sense Approaches to Access and Accommodations