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Keri Siekowski

Human Resources Supported Employment Program Supervisor
Kitsap County

Keri Siekowski

Keri Siekowski
Human Resources/Supported Employment Program Supervisor, Kitsap County

Keri has a wide range of Human Resources experience.  With over 25 years of HR experience, 17 of which is in the public sector, Keri knows the importance of partnering with County offices and departments on issues such as staffing, labor relations, job development, and organizational structure.  In 2017, Kitsap County Board of County Commissioners passed a resolution to create a County Supported Employment program, housed out of the County Human Resources office.  Keri has supervised the creation of that program since 2018 and partners with all County Employing Officials, unions, and guilds to work to create paid, meaningful work for citizens with developmental disabilities.  Kitsap County hired its first Supported Employee in October 2018 and is on track to hire at least two more in 2020.


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