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Maria Kemplin

Director of Transportation Initiative,
University of Kentucky
Human Development Institute

Maria Kemplin

Speaker Bio

Maria Kemplin is director of the Transportation Initiative, a project at the University of Kentucky’s Human Development Institute (HDI). The Transportation Initiative supports Kentuckians with disabilities who want to learn more about accessible transportation options, determine eligibility for programs, and troubleshoot service questions. The project relies on the collaboration of advocates, organizations, and agencies across the state to drive systems change. A shared desire for all Kentuckians to have the ability to live, work, learn, and participate in their community fuels the effort.

Maria serves on the state’s special education advisory board as a parent representative and participates as a self-advocate in several community efforts. “Clear rules and regulations are the framework though which I navigate the world. Imagine my dismay in tackling a topic like reasonable modifications! How do we approach such an open-ended subject? While there will never be an exhaustive list, evaluating case examples has allowed me to travel an established path to arrive at what is reasonable.”