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Robert “Bobby” Silverstein is a nationally-recognized disability policy analyst with over 30 years experience directing action research and analysis (including Congressionally-mandated studies) of complex public policy issues, with a particular focus on disability-related policy; translating research into comprehensive, innovative, common-sense, flexible solutions that meet the divergent needs of multiple stakeholders; writing peer-reviewed journal articles and other papers that offer conceptual frameworks for public policy analysis and implementation; teaching leaders and others how to serve as effective policy change agents by reaching negotiated consensus; and presenting keynote speeches that make understandable complex public policy issues.

Recent project undertaken by Mr. Silverstein include conducting a policy review and analysis of federal and state policy frameworks implementing the order of selection provision under Title I of the Rehabilitation Act; developing a series of Policy Bulletins describing how State VR agencies are serving as change agents by working in collaboration with other state agencies; and drafting recommendations for an advisory panel for improving partnerships between State vocational rehabilitation agencies and community rehabilitation providers under the Ticket to Work program.

Currently, Mr. Silverstein is a principal in the law firm of Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville, P.C. where his practice focuses in the areas of disability, health care, rehabilitation, employment, education, social security, and civil rights. He also serves as director of the Center for the Study and Advancement of Disability Policy where he directs actions research and analysis of disability-related policy issues. Mr. Silverstein received his J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center, 1974 and his B.S. Economics from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (cum laude), 1971. Mr. Silverstein is the recipient of more than 10 national awards, including the Distinguished Services Award of the President of the United States.


Guest: Corporate Infrastructure: Understanding ADA and Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act of 2008