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Ryan Farrow

Supported Employment Program Manager
CBRE/Nike Account

Ryan Farrow

Ryan Farrow
Supported Employment Program Manager, CBRE/Nike Account

Ryan brings years of experience in the supported employment field, supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to contribute to their communities through competitive, integrated employment. In 2019, Ryan joined CBRE and Nike’s partnership to build an integrative workforce by leveraging the skills and valuable contributions of people of all abilities. Based at Nike World Headquarters, he works for CBRE managing the Supported Employment Program, to design and implement strategies for leveraging job seekers with I/DD into various roles. Prior to joining CBRE, he worked as a job coach, job developer, program manager, and trainer. He also has a passion for implementing assistive technology solutions and proving that everyone can work.


Guest: Advancing Equal Employment Opportunities and Creating Inclusive Workplaces – Part 8: Large Employer Initiatives and Public Sector Employment