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Susan Harrell

Assistant Executive Director
Washington Initiative for Supported Employment (Wise)

Susan Harrell

Susan Harrell
Assistant Executive Director, Washington Initiative for Supported Employment; Wise

Susan has worked with and on behalf of people with disabilities through direct service, service agency management, and governmental and agency consulting since 1985, with a specific focus on employment as essential to assuring community integration, financial stability, and quality of life. Susan specializes in the following consultation and training topics: Job Development; Job Coaching; Social Security and Medical Benefits; Work Incentives; Individual Resource Development; Person-Centered Planning; and Policies and Regulations Related to employment and the Self-Sufficiency of Individuals with Disabilities. Susan recently obtained a Certificate in Advanced Professional Development for Assistive Technology Applications from California State University, Northridge.


Guest: Advancing Equal Employment Opportunities and Creating Inclusive Workplaces – Part 8: Large Employer Initiatives and Public Sector Employment