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Wally Tablit

Vice President of Mission Services

Wally Tablit

Wally Tablit
Vice-President of Mission Services, AtWork! Changing the Face of Employment

Wally Tablit is the current Vice President of Mission Services with AtWork! where he oversees individualized employment and community inclusion services across 3 counties in WA State.   Wally is a recognized leader in the field of Supported Employment with over 23 years’ experience working with people with disabilities, and he is known as a strong collaborator and colleague among his peers. Wally uses his experience as a trainer and consultant to assist with organizational transformation, best practices in supported employment, and capacity building.  Wally’s enduring commitment to this work is rooted in his passion for creating a fully inclusive and integrated community for people with disabilities, and he is involved with many key projects to help successfully implement the Employment First movement.   

Wally is past-president of the WA APSE Board, and he was elected to the National Board of APSE in 2017.

Wally lives in Seattle with his husband Steve and their dog Sammy, and they enjoy exploring every off-leash dog park and new restaurants together.  Wally believes everyone should have a place in their community, a mission for their life, and a signature theme song.


Panelist: Disability in a COVID World: Employment, Communications, Physical Spaces & Mental Health