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Yvette Pegues

Diversity and Inclusion Executive
Your Invisible Disability Group

Yvette Pegues

Yvette Pegues
Diversity and Inclusion Executive, Your Invisible Disability Group

Yvette Pegues began her career as a scientist and left an activist. She is a Diversity & Inclusion Executive and Keynote Speaker, co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Your Invisible Disability Group – whose mission is to “Empower, Equip, Educate and Include Individuals with Disabilities.”

Her Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), IBM Engineer-to-Executive career and personal experience as a disabled professional with neurocognitive barriers prepared her for award-winning Adaptive Engineering, Adapted Sports and Assistive Technology proficiencies in prominent corporate, workplace, marketplace and education spaces around the world.

In addition to C-Suite Advisory duties, she sits on, chairs and supports multiple social impact projects, ADA and executive boards; consults on affinity and diversity group development teams, advises on state, government and federal partner incentives for inclusion; and advocates in the community she lives and serves through her 501c3/non-profit neurodiverse programs.


Host: Disability in a COVID World: Employment, Communications, Physical Spaces & Mental Health